Supprelin Assistance – Supprelin LA Assistance

Supprelin or Supprelin LA is a medication used to treat precocious puberty. Precocious puberty is a disorder that causes children to enter puberty much earlier than normal. These children can then go through puberty at an accelerated rate. Typically, children affected by precocious puberty grow much quicker than their peers, but their height seldom exceeds 5 feet. Supprelin or Supprelin LA is sometimes prescribed to regulate puberty so that children mature (and grow)at normal rates.

Supprelin LA

Supprelin LA

The issue with Supprelin LA is that it can be very expensive. For those who are uninsured or under-insured, Supprelin LA Assistance is available to those who qualify. We called Endo Pharmaceuticals to find out more about their Supprelin LA Assistance program.

The information we received from the Endo Pharmaceuticals customer service rep was limited, but she did explain a little about Supprelin Assistance eligibility & the application process:

Endo Pharmaceuticals offers Supprelin LA Assistance through the Supprelin LA Shares program. To qualify for the Supprelin LA Shares program must meet specific income guidelines based on the Federal Poverty Guidelines. Many patient assistance programs require that, in order for families to qualify, they must earn below 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines. Some allow up to 400%.

In addition, you must not be covered by insurance.

To begin the application process, your endocrinologist must send an order for Supprelin LA to Endo Pharmaceuticals. At that point, Endo will mail the patient’s family an application. IF your family is accepted into the Supprelin LA Shares program, you will receive free Supprelin LA.

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