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Patient Assistance usually refers to a patient assistance program that is in place to help patents with limited financial means to receive free medicine, or discount medicine. The biggest issue with this kind of patient assistance is that most patients do not realize that help is available.

  • By using the Patient Assistance Program search tool below, you will be able to find patient assistance programs that provide free medicine (or discount medicine) to those who qualify.
  • You will also be able to see how to qualify for patient assistance, how to apply for patient assistance, how to contact each patient assistance program with questions and more.

Although most patient assistance programs require that applicants are not covered by prescription drug insurance, there are some patient assistance programs that will accept patients that are covered by insurance. Some programs offer free medicine, while others offer discount medicine. The bottom line is that each patient assistance program has its own set of eligibility guidelines.

It makes sense to take a look at the requirements and apply. If you are unable to find patient assistance for the medicines you take, we have integrated with a medicine access service that can help you find, and apply for, patient assistance programs that meet your needs.

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