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Program Name: 17

Since the 1960s, Alcon has provided glaucoma drugs FREE to patients who cannot
afford these medications. This program also donates pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter
products to patients who cannot otherwise afford the products and medications
needed to treat glaucoma, other eye diseases, and extreme dry eye. Each year,
thousands of U.S. patients benefit from this sight-saving program.

Medications covered:
Azopt 1% (15 mL bottle)
Betoptic S 0.25% (15 mL bottle)
Bion Tears Eye Drops
Carteolol HCl 1% (10 mL bottle)
Ciloxan Ointment (3.5 gm tube)
Ciloxan Solution (5 mL bottle)
Cipro HC Otic Solution (10 mL bottle)
Ciprodex Suspension (7.5 mL bottle)
Econopred Plus Suspension (10 mL bottle)
Flarex Suspension (5 mL bottle)
Iopidine 0.5% (10 mL bottle)
Isopto Carbachol 1.5% (30 mL bottle)
Isopto Carbachol 3% (15 mL bottle)
Isopto Carpine 1% (15 mL bottle)
Isopto Carpine 2% (15 mL bottle)
Isopto Carpine 4% (15 mL bottle)
Levobunolol HCl .5% (10 mL bottle)
Maxitrol Suspension (5 mL bottle)
Metipranolol Solution .3% (10 mL bottle)
Pilopine HS Gel 4% (4 g tube)
Systane Eye Drops
Systane Preservative-free Eye Drops
Tears Naturale Forte Drops
Tears Naturale Free Drops
Tears Naturale PM Eye Ointment
Timolol Maleate Gel .25% (5 mL bottle)
Timolol Maleate Gel .5% (5 mL bottle)
Timolol Maleate Solution .25% (15 mL bottle)
Timolol Maleate Solution .5% (15 mL bottle)
TobraDex Ointment (3.5 gram tube)
TobraDex Suspension (10 mL bottle)
Travatan .004% (2.5 mL bottle)
Unisol 4 Saline Solution
Vexol Suspension (10 mL bottle)
Vigamox Solution (3 mL bottle)

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