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Program Name: 71

The Foundation (established in 1998) provides temporary assistance to qualifying
patients with financial hardship who have no private prescription drug insurance and are
not enrolled in a prescription drug coverage plan via Medicaid or any federal, state, or
local health program.

Medications covered:
Avalide tablet 150 mg/12.5mg
Avalide tablet 300 mg/12.5mg
Avalide tablet 300mg /25mg- bottle 30
Avalide tablet 300mg /25mg- bottle 90
Avapro tablet 150 mg
Avapro tablet 300 mg
Avapro tablet 75 mg
BuSpar Dividose tablet 15 mg – Bottle 60
BuSpar Dividose tablet 15 mg – Bottle 180
Cefzil oral suspension 125 mg/5 ml
Cefzil oral suspension 250 mg/5 ml
Cefzil tablet 250 mg
Cefzil tablet 500 mg
Coumadin tablet 4 mg
Coumadin tablet 7.5 mg
Coumadin tablet 6 mg
Coumadin tablet 3 mg
Coumadin tablet 2.5 mg
Coumadin tablet 10 mg
Coumadin tablet 5 mg
Coumadin tablet 1 mg
Coumadin tablet 2 mg
EMSAM® 6mg /24hours (selegiline transdermal system)
EMSAM® 9mg /24hours (selegiline transdermal system)
EMSAM® 12mg / 24hours (selegiline transdermal system)
Glucophage tablet 500 mg
Glucophage tablet 850 mg
Glucophage tablet 1000 mg
Glucophage XR tablet 500 mg
Glucophage XR tablet 750 mg
Glucovance tablet 1.25 mg/250 mg
Glucovance tablet 2.5 mg/500 mg
Glucovance tablet 5 mg/500 mg
Kenalog 10, 5 ml vial 10 mg/ml
Kenalog 40, 1 ml vial 40 mg/ml
Kenalog 40, 5 ml vial 40 mg/ml
Kenalog 40, 10 ml vial 40 mg/ml
Kenalog aerosol topical aerosol spray .1%
Lac-Hydrin topical cream 12%
Lodosyn tablet 25 mg
Metaglip 2.5 mg/250 mg
Metaglip 2.5 mg/500 mg
Metaglip 5.0 mg/500 mg
Monopril tablet 10mg
Monopril tablet 20mg
Monopril tablet 40mg
Plavix tablet 75 mg
Pravachol tablet 10 mg
Pravachol tablet 20 mg
Pravachol tablet 40 mg
Pravachol tablet 80 mg
Sinemet tablets 10 mg/100 mg
Sinemet tablets 25 mg/100 mg
Sinemet tablets 25 mg/250 mg
Ultravate topical cream .05% Tube 15 g
Ultravate topical cream .05% Jar 50 g
Ultravate topical ointment .05% Tube 15 g
Ultravate topical ointment .05% Jar 50 g

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